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ThrEver wonder how to put up a business with little or No Capital!?  Are you planning to put up your own business?


act now

For SUPER STARTERS here are our 4 Ways to Start a Business

1. )      CREATE a product

Look for what’s hot these days. Create something that’s hot for the market–
eg. loom bands, crystal bracelets, fashion accessories, pastries, muffins, cake

Most of these you can do during your spare time. Allot 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours a night, but be very good at it. Recreate something better than what you always see from others, from your competition.

2)      Look for a business owner who can offer CONSIGNMENT deals

Call your entrepreneur friends, neighbors, relatives– those who are always selling something.  Ask for the products they carry at the moment and mention you’re interested to sell on a consignment basis.

And since you’re always online anyway, why not post the products on www.ebay.ph or www.ayosdito.ph , while you’re selling actual products in school or in the office.

3)      Get involved in a legal DIRECT SELLING BUSINESS

Even Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich dad Poor dad, is recommending this. Get as much Business Skills from the training and from meeting all types of people. Once you’ve shifted to entrepreneur mindset, you’re set for any business you want.

4.) Set up an Online Business

Most people spend almost 50% of their time each day online –  To Start a Business this is one of the options setting up your own eCommerce shop.  Therefore, you must have a website where you can set up your shop.

How about a Blog about your hobby?  This is also one way to start, specially if you love writing articles

You can also create a Simple Mobile App, you think so?  If you are a developer and knows something about technology, use your knowledge.  Who knows you maybe the next “Mark Zuckerberg


You can even explore transcription which is a blooming industry.

These are just a few of how you can start business for yourself.  Our book “I Wish they taught Money in School” is one of the best ways to start on how you can also get more ideas about entrepreneurship. It is also important that in business you should know how to START RIGHT

NOW, get your feet dirty and start the ball rolling! Nothing beats actual experience in doing BUSINESS.

To have more ideas about business, check out our SHOPS and buy our books.

Happy Reading!

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