Financial Education is the Best Gift

Financial Education is the perfect Christmas gift is always a challenge, especially for people who are dearest to you.  There are so many things to consider: you want it to be unique and something customizable, but also practical and enduring.  Few things fit this description entirely, with one thing canceling out in favor of another.  In recent years, I’ve seen mugs rise in popularity as stocking stuffers or office giveaways; they can now be printed with names or pictures of recipients, and they can be used almost every day, either for beverages or as desk caddies. How unique is the idea? Well, last year alone, I had at least 3 mugs with my name on it sitting under the Christmas tree, not meaning to say I did not cherish each and every one of them, but I divulge to prove a point.

If you want to be completely out of the box this year, here’s an idea. Give them education. Any education is good, but among the most practical and enduring is money education, and I give you

5 Reasons Financial Education is the best gift this Christmas.

  1. It teaches prioritization and budgeting. Christmas is the time when people tend to spend more than they regularly do. We buy décor for our houses, gifts for loved ones, and food for the countless potluck reunions we are invited to. There is a way to survive this without drilling a hole into your pockets, and that is through prioritization and proper budgeting. Understanding and living these key concepts will lessen the stress from the holiday’s expenditures, and you can truly enjoy “the most wonderful time of the year!”
  2. It emphasizes value. Have you ever been caught a week before Christmas, and still without gifts for the important people in your life? I have, and panic has cornered me into buying overpriced items. This can be avoided by making Christmas lists months in advance, and then canvassing for the best deals to make the most of your every, hard-earned Peso. You won’t go wrong with this and other money-saving tips when given the proper money education.
  3. It opens your mind to more options. Christmas is the time for 13th month pay and miscellaneous bonuses; it’s the time when we receive little, red envelopes of precious paper. For many, this means only one thing: spending season! Oh, but if you only knew the many other things your money can do! You can use it to buy stocks or even put up a business. Instead of treating it like a passing visitor, in your house one day and gone the next, employ it. Make it work for you, since bonuses should be taken as opportunities to get ahead and not just get by. Christmas is the best time to do this, because it gives you ample time to prepare for a better, richer new year!
  4. You enable another to share, and isn’t sharing one of the main values of this season? If you can teach someone to successfully manage their money, they will reap the benefits in their lives, and become good examples in their community. They in turn can pay it forward, influencing others to become more financially literate themselves. Imagine the change you can start just by sharing the proper tools for empowerment!
  5. It is the gift that will keep on giving. Contrary to many items in the market like gaming consoles or charm bracelets that sneakily entice you to spend more on games and charms, learning about money will continue to benefit you not only now, but for the long term.

I Wish They Taught Money In High School covers all considerations. It is a unique idea (how many easy-reading books on money have you received on Christmas?) and something so easily customizable by writing a dedication in its pages. It’s a practical choice, not only because it’s affordable on the giver’s end, but also because of the good it does for the recipient. Its lessons are enduring and can definitely be put to good use for years to come.