Why we write Books

“We believe that any one can earn money through money management and proper financial guidance.  We want to teach others how  to earn money and how can their money work for them.”

Clarissa S. de la Paz and Sharon W. Que started out as mentor and mentee, and progressed to being board game buddies that revealed their shared passion for spreading financial literacy and proper money management.

The authors, Clarissa and Sharon both believe that becoming a millionaire is not and should not be regarded as plain, wishful thinking but as something achievable — it can be done whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.


Clarissa may not have a rags-to-riches story to tell, but she learned the value of money at a young age. Her parents’ upbringing played an integral role in instilling the proper values throughout her childhood.

She is very fortunate to learn all of these from her parents unlike other children during her age.  She was already budgeting and saving up as early as grade school.  When she turned 12, the world of the stock market had been introduced to her.

Normally, after graduation employment is the next step and Clarissa also chose to have a regular paycheck.  This is a normal practice like to many other Filipinos; but unlike others, she knew that monthly wages alone did not equate to financial stability.

Clarissa’s interests in investment strengthened her financial literacy.  She may not have the formal training but her passion to investment drove her to learn more in a cellular level.  She believes that ” If you work for money 8 hours a day, your money should work for you 24 hours a day.


Sharon grew up in an environment where business was a way of life. She fondly recalls that she learned to write her name in the same area where her mom entertained business clients and guests.

She was bitten by the business bug at the age of 10, when she was asked to help with the accounting of her family’s business. Her fascination for money management began when she held bank checks for the first time, and it thrilled her.

For Sharon, she knew that being the COO (Child of Owner) was not her ultimate end.  Ultimately, she wanted to independently earn her million by daring into her own business ventures.

Sharon has established a number of successful businesses, from realty to lifestyle projects.  She acknowledges that her victories are products of hard work and a clear vision on goals.

Sharon likes to teach money awareness to those who wants to manage money and who wishes to learn about financial freedom. Sharon believed that going into business can be difficult for first timers, but once the right foundations have been set, anyone can earn money without actively working for it in the long run.

Sharon and Clarissa aim to share their knowledge so that every one can learn how to be financially.  Get their Books now and relive what they have had and be it yours as well!


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