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How can you live a life of success and enjoy its benefits in your life? Ariel Manalac, a multi-talented businessman, tells us how.

Ariel Manalac is a multi-tasker. Between his family and full-time job as a Financial Advisor for SunLife Financial, he has two small businesses—two unique products that have helped and benefited many people.

Ariel’s first product was a financial calculator. Since he is in the business of financial management, he decided to create a tool that would help enhance and make more things more efficient. What started out as a prototype became something that did not just benefit him, but many others. “Now, my financial calculator is being used in the industry, my company, and other life insurance companies.” Ariel initially sold the calculator for three hundred pesos each; eventually, the earnings he gathered helped fund his next business, an all-occasion gift card.

The idea sprang almost randomly. “I wanted people to avail of an impulse item—something that was not part of their purchase checklists. For example, while they would wait in line for their turn at the counter, they’d see my item and go, ‘Wow, this is nice. I need this!’” The gift card, called a Money Magnet, is a gift card that includes the law of attraction, and a magnet that you can keep in your refrigerator or wallet. Ariel’s earnings from the Money Magnet serves as passive income for Ariel and his family as he mostly focuses on his full-time job as a Financial Advisor for SunLife, where he leads a team of twelve advisors.

Why come up with the idea of multiple businesses? “You have to have more than one source of income,” Ariel answers. He identifies his full-time job as a financial advisor as his bread and butter, while earnings from the Money Magnet and his other businesses serve as supplementary sources of income.

Ariel borrowed from his life insurance to jumpstart his businesses. “I didn’t want to use my own  money,” he shares, using the concept of OPM (Other People’s Money). “I wanted to be creative and not use my savings as my capital. I used the cash value of my life insurance for my initial capital to make the Financial Calculator .” His unconventional strategy, though risky, proved to be helpful. “From there, I was able to make the designs and come up with another business, the Money Magnet.” Ariel ended up financing the cash value of his life insurance, and is reaping the benefits of his risk.

Where does Ariel attribute his success as an entrepreneur? He describes himself as a “daydreamer,” eager to stimulate his creativity by doing things that have not been done before. While he may be a daydreamer, Ariel balances his creativity out by setting goals for his ideas. “I’m a persistent person,” he explains. “I begin with an end in mind. When I think of something, I want to finish it and see an outcome.” Ariel makes specific action steps to achieve his goals, and ensures that he checks off these items one by one.

Finally, Ariel describes himself as “self-motivated.” Working together with his persistent attitude, he attributes his self-motivational trait as “very important.” “Motivation is an inside job and shouldn’t come from other people.” Aside from these three things, Ariel has successfully made needs arise out of the business ideas he creates. From here, he gives his customers a sense of urgency in purchasing his products.

What does Ariel’s daily schedule look like? “I wake up at 5:30 am every day,” kicking off the day with a daily routine of counting his blessings while having coffee. “When I do this, I get energized. I count the things that money can’t buy.” Ariel then does a 4 kilometer zen walk  to stimulate his creativity. He also takes time to write down all his ideas and to-do’s throughout the day.

At around 9 AM, he proceeds to his office room where he does his work. One of the benefits of his job is the flexibility he has, having the opportunity to work outside of SunLife’s office building. “I just go out for meetings which are scheduled after work hours. I get home at around 8pm. I choose the people I meet with.”

Ariel offers three pieces of advice for full-time employees who want to be entrepreneurs. “The concept of ‘shoot, ready, aim’ is very effective for me.” Coming up with ideas for him is very quick—and he puts it to immediate action. “When I come up with an idea, I do it immediately and don’t over analyze it, because analysis is paralysis.” Whenever he sees flaws in his plan, he remedies the situation immediately—but still, he chooses to press on and fire instead of aiming. However, Ariel is not always risky or impulsive when it comes to entrepreneurship. “If your business has a large financial risk, be creative with how you’ll come up with your capital. You can use OPM so when you make a mistake, your money won’t suffer,” he explains. “But still be spontaneous.”

Passion is one driving force Ariel has, which he also advises to aspiring entrepreneurs. “Do something you love and then earn from it.” True to form, Ariel’s daily habit of brainstorming and coming up with different ideas helps fuel his passion and creativity to innovate. “I love creating,” he shares, citing it as a pastime.

Finally, Ariel advises future entrepreneurs to take on challenges with gusto and excitement. “Do the uncomfortable now so you’ll be comfortable in the future. I practice that when I feel reluctant at doing something, I tell myself that I need to get out of my comfort zone so I can be comfortable with it in the future.” Ariel’s habit of outdoing himself and pushing his limits surely contributes to his success as a full-time employee and entrepreneur.

As Ariel has been hardworking and innovative in what he does, applying the important principles he shares is a big help to any aspiring entrepreneur. Consistency and stepping out in your comfort zone is key to be successful in any endeavor! Good luck!

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