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Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a fruitful year for me this 2014 for being one of the selected blogger to review this book. To start with the book composed of two parts from Employee and entrepreneur perspective.

So even if you don’t have any business knowledge surely you will understand what the authors want to impart to you.

Actually it’s really timely for me reading this book. I want to learn and improve my budgeting skills since my family’s budget was done primarily by my wife.

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On the first part let’s get to know the Authors:

I wish they taught me money in high school: So I’m not dependent on my Pay check
by: Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz
Written by: Katherine Tiuseco

Upon reading the first part. I was really amazed how money should work in my life. Imagined in my whole life I never thought and thinking about money matters. My money just went out every pay day and in the end I have no savings at all.

But when I finish reading the first part I was able to learn that I need to be smart when it comes to money. I need to find ways that money will work for me 24 x 7 even though I am not working. I need to pay myself first meaning I need to set aside from my amount in my income before deduct it in my expenses. I know it’s hard but I will try my best to set aside amount from my salary. Now I know that I need to have passive income and start investing on assets and have a financial freedom.

Things to learn on the first part:

  • Money Language and slaying the jargon
  • Dissecting Dreams
  • The Power of the Passive
  • Paying yourself first
  • Money Myths
  • Working Smart: As Easy as S to T
  • Moneytudes
  • Not-a- Secret secret
  • Navigational Tools

In the end part you will received money guide tips to improve your finances. :)

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Second part is let’s get to know the Authors:

I Wish they taught me money in high school: So I can start my business right away
by: Sharon W. Que
Edited by: Katherine Tiuseco

On the second part is really different the author life started with business oriented family. It talks about how to start a business with no capital. We need to be concrete on what we want in life. This will help us and motivate us to reach our dream. It also tackles that every business experience a lot of problems. The goodness of it we must have a positive mind to think and plan to handle and find solutions to your business problems. We must enrich our mind, skills and replace negative mind set.

Things to learn on the second part

  • Preparing for Business
  • How to Start a Business with a Little or No Capital
  • Multiplying your income with other Businesses
  • Overcoming Challenges and Finding Solutions
  • Upgrading Your Money Psyche
  • Growing Your Money in Investment Vehicles

In the end part you will received the following TIPS:

  • STEPS to register your business
  • Sample letter for offer to Buy

I highly recommend this book and my rate is 4/5.

Surely for those new in business matters and investment you will love and learn from this book. So if you’re looking for financial freedom in your life better try this book and you won’t regret it.

I Wish They Taught Money in High School is currently available at Fully Booked branches in Alabang, BGC, Rockwell, Greenbelt, Katipunan and Gateway, and Merriam Bookstores in Binondo and Pasay Road. The book will soon be available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks.

You can view the full article here, http://www.arielicas.com/book-review-wish-taught-money-high-school/

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