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We may all have seen the meme that has been circulating the internet ever since Ondoy struck the country in 2009. It is being revived time and again when calamities due to excessive rainfall affect the country; and we, the netizens of social media help encourage everyone by using the same that caused our country pain, turning it into something that will uplift our spirits. It says, “The Filipino spirit is waterproof.”

Apparently, this is also the case when venturing into businesses—big or small: the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit should be waterproof.


That is what successful entrepreneur, Arvino Logarta shared in a recent interview. The guy is in the business of selling waterproof bags, tech cases and flashlights. When asked why he chose that kind of market, he said it was because of his love for the beach. Arvino thought, since he loved the waters so much, he might as well explore to bring in more sunshine to his life, financial wise. And he did. It did not come as a breeze though. Arvino went through challenges which tried to dampen his spirits yet found ways to safeguard his hope and ambition. He turned ‘waterproof.’


And the timing could not be more perfect. In the most densely populated city of Manila, rainy season has decided to come earlier and more plenty than ever that floods turn cities into lakes of mud and trash. Arvino’s waterproof bags and cases come in handy at this point- not only to protect possessions, but also the spirits of those affected by calamities. To keep belongings dry, especially gadgets and clothes is vital- especially when in need of rescue.

So Arvino set himself out to venture in the business world. Reviewing the interview, it seemed as though his love for the outdoors geared him well in this endeavour. Perhaps his learnings from one trip to another, brought him out to be strategically-wise, always thinking out-of-the-box, fresh and courageous that proved effective- more so when coupled with marketing and financial skills.

In Arvino’s story of how he started his waterproof business, the entrepreneur wanna-be’s can learn a thing or two. His unwavering faith kept his dreams solid and he has been making it come true because of this.


Pursuing passions are never easy- especially when what you want to chase is something extraordinary. In putting up a business, financial capacity is one of the major considerations sans heart and positive thinking. For the young Logarta, he worked his way to make his mother agree and invest in what he had in mind to cultivate. He sought wisdom and motivation from trusted sources to keep his drive going and giving up is never an option and he did not let anyone turn his hopes down.


If a bag carrying your belongings is not waterproof, and it gets soaked in water, you are assured that it will somehow cause damage to whatever is inside, right? Same with if you know you have something great going on, you must protect it at all cost. In Arvino’s case, even if it means letting go and buying off his partner, to keep his boat afloat. In any business, security is important. Arvino teaches us that we should carefully choose the people we work with and make sure they can be trusted and relied on. Working with people possessing these qualities will ensure your business growth as they are 100% dedicated in supporting and creating possibilities for the business.


According to the Bible, ‘… faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’ Arvino set his heart on this. He is steadfast in believing that though there will be challenges along the way, as long as one has faith, getting through trials will happen in the most amazing ways. He knew there is no such thing as fool proof business that is why his heart has been ready with faith and determination.


The mind. Keep it open to welcome possibilities and work on challenges. Being in a business such as Arvino’s, it is important to be informed of new trends and opportunities. Though he shares that most of the time, on a daily basis, he is just in front of his desk working on his laptop, answering emails or visiting and delivering goods to customers, he makes sure that his mind is also on the lookout to immediately respond to challenges and opportunities. And this is working to his advantage because he is always in touch with his customers.


For Arvino, there is no better place to be in a business than at the top spot. That was, is and will always be his goal. If one would look at it, there is nothing wrong in that kind of thinking. Society may dictate that if we declare our ambitions and desires openly, then we are displaying arrogance but the truth is, one should never be afraid to speak of their intentions and desires- especially if you want to be the best or be number one.

We all desire to excel in things we do yet most of us are ashamed of claiming it because we fear judgment from other people but know this- if your heart so truly desires to be one thing, you should be able to speak it to eventually live it.


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