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It’s 2014, I’m turning a year older this March, but still, I can’t seem to teach myself how to handle money PROPERLY. It sucks. I have a job that pays me decently and I have other gigs that beef up the stash, yet, I’m failure when it comes to managing my finances. In fact, at one point, I contemplated on hiring or asking someone to manage my money for me. Obviously, that didn’t pan out.

So when I chanced upon the opportunity to review this back-to-back book, I grabbed it! And I’m glad I did. As you read along, you’ll know why, and I’m sure by the time you finish reading the review, you’ll be scrambling to get a copy for yourself, too.

Of the two books, Sharon Que’s I Wish They Taught Money in High School So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away was the first one I read. It’s also my first read for 2014.

20140104_135929I’ve always dreamt of starting my own business. When I was much younger and stationery (scented, colorful, etc.) were all the rage, I wanted to be the main supplier in my elementary school. Of course, that never happened because every time I bought new stationery (supposedly to sell to my classmates), I ended up giving some to my friends and keeping the rest for myself. Other ideas to make money were selling apparel from the US, selling baked goodies, selling handmade accessories, and selling e-books.

All these ideas stayed as is. Perhaps if this book came out much earlier, then maybe I’d be filthy rich now. LOL

My thoughts on the book:

  • It wasn’t dragging. Honestly, I’m not fond of reading self-help books or books along the lines of this one. If you knew me personally, you’d have an idea what I enjoy reading. Nevertheless, I loved the tone of this book because I felt as if the author was talking to me. It was conversational; thus, it was easier for me to grasp what she was trying to share.
  • I admit that I am mathematically challenged. Geez, that’s why I became a writer for crying out loud! However, Ms. Que was able to present money facts using the most streamlined approach, and I thank her for that.
  • It was fun to read, with variations on fonts used and graphics to boot.
  • Finally, the book made me realize it’s never too late to make one’s dreams come true. Hence, I am challenging myself to start saving, investing, and planning my way to my own business.


The second book, Clarissa Seriña-Dela Paz’ I Wish They Taught Money in High School So I’m Not Dependent on My Paycheck, hit a nerve because I can see myself that way – a slave to my paycheck. Like the author, I had a comfortable lifestyle growing up. Daddy had a job with the local airlines, and his salary did more than pay the bills. There were even occasional trips to the US as part of our (my two siblings’ and mine) reward for doing great in school. However, I grew up, which meant I had to start making it on my own if I wanted to live a comfortable life. As if I have a choice.

Ms. Dela Paz stressed how important it was to make adjustments, needed adjustments if you wanted to live comfortably. Let the paychecks come in every month, but don’t let these be the end-all and be-all of your existence. She offered realistic, practical, and helpful tips on saving and investing so that you no longer have to be utterly dependent on your paycheck. Instead of clinging to your paycheck for dear life, you treat it as a supplemental source of income either because you have enough stashed in the bank or you’ve put your earlier paychecks to good use and have put up investments. Very awesome tips, indeed.

I am highly recommending this back-to-back book to those who want to be entrepreneurs, too. The seamlessness of the book, especially when explaining stuff about personal finances, made it very easy to understand. If you want to gain financial freedom, start by reading this.



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