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This section of our site is where we share our thoughts on the different topics about money management, financial literacy and wealth creation. It is here that we hope our readers will learn that money itself is not the root of all evil.

We also wish that you’ll have your own A-Ha moments upon reading our posts. And may each realization be coupled with a resolve to spring into action and say to yourself, “I can make my money work for me and not I working for money.”

financial goal

May 13

What is your Financial Goal?

productive summer

May 11

How to have a Productive Summer this 2017

Cash Flow 101

May 09

Do you want to escape the Rat Race? Play Cash Flow 101

side income

May 02

Top 10 Ways How to Make Side Income

book signing on book launch

Apr 22

ATM: Book Launch for Money Grows on Trees

manage you money

Apr 20

5 Money Lessons for Fresh Graduates


Apr 11

4 Ways to Kick Start a Business

The time is aways today

Apr 08

Age is just a number. Start your business NOW.

pros and cons

Mar 30

The Pros and Cons of Instant Gratification.