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{Book Review} I Wish They Taught Money in High School (2-in-1 book)

The idea of printing two books into 1 really made this a cool book – the first time I’ve seen something wherein the other book is on the flipped side. Though I was getting weird stares while I was reading the book at my OB’s clinic haha They must have thought that I was just pretending to read because the book was upside down LOL

Anyway, I’m numbering the books according to the order I read them – there wasn’t really any numbering indicated in these books.
book covers for the 2-in-1 book,Β IΒ Wish They Taught Money in High School
Book 1
I Wish They Taught Money in High School | So I’m Not Dependent on My Paycheck

My first impression when I read several chapters of the book is that the author, Clarissa, really had it easy in life. She even said that herself, having been born to a well-to-do family who took trips to Disneyland just for fun (well, of course it is for fun πŸ˜› why else would you go to Disneyland? haha silly me) because of the money her dad got from stocks. Her outlook in life is also from that of a rich kid. Yes, your upbringing and life while growing does make a difference in how you view money and life in general.
Growing up as a poor kid, we had it really bad – with the parents living not from paycheck to paycheck but from debt to debt. Going to school was our only escape, the only thing I knew that would bring us a better life. Even today, we don’t own stocks but when I read the book, I was really tempted to buy some so I could also belong to the people with passive income, just waiting for money to come while doing nothing πŸ˜›
In fact, I looked up all the resources and websites posted in the book, just to familiarize myself with the stuff she was talking about. Really, I was tempted big time! Towards the end of the book, however, she also listed the kinds of people and their views on finances. I began to see myself as the extremist because I only had a slight idea about business (although I do have a small online shop) but wanted to get everything into mutual funds and stocks, things that I really do not know anything about. Sigh.
It was tempting to join the club, get some financial help from the experts but I also didn’t want to jump into something just because someone said it was a good option to earn passive income. I am NOT saying that the author is wrong and you should not follow what she was saying. I meant that her book made a lot of sense, had lots of examples, and was really a great motivator. I actually like how she itemized things and explained in a way that a layman like me could understand Β – especially about leverage. However, it is also a reality that at the moment, excess money is not something that we have. She did say that investing should be done with excess money (of course, there’s the formula of income – savings = expenses) but as a pregnant mom getting ready for a second kid, that’s a bit harder to do than it looks. So, please forgive me a bit, Ms. Clarissa that right now I can’t follow your recommendations.
But I do encourage my readers to buy the book and read it. It was a big eye opener and easy to understand, even for someone with a different background from her. In fact, she also mentioned how she also has a different outlook about money even among her circle of friends. It was a bit encouraging to read that, knowing that I am not the only one ignoramus about money πŸ˜›

Yes, I also agree that money should be taught in high school especially during career orientation days. I also had a similar experience where those conducting the orientations will tell you that there’s money in this career and that yet I’ve seen many of my friends going that path and are now poorer than me haha sorry. Not laughing at them but at the situation – it really is good to teach kids about money, especially today’s generation.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who knows how to read, yes! Not just to anyone who thinks that the endless cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck should end soon. Although most of it was talking about investments (something that I still am not ready to do even after reading the whole book), there were also a lot of lessons to learn about money. There are still many tips there that should help us improve how we view money and take control of our finances.

In some near future, I’d re-read the book and check out the investment idea once again. I think I just need a little push to get there. πŸ˜‰

Book 2
I Wish They Taught Money in High School | So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away

As I began reading, I thought once again how the author, this time Sharon, also had it easy in life. After all, if your parents are successful entrepreneurs, you should have a good life while growing up. It pushed her to strive so that she could start her business early.

For instance, in the given example, even before high school, she was already selling stuff. I remember my childhood, how money was so scarce that we can’t even have money for the return fare home – and my classmates had a similar plight. Selling stuff would have been easy but we’ve done that and only a handful could buy because they didn’t have money as well. Thus, I still think that how we grow up still matters in how we view and use money.
Also, I am not a good judge of people. When I started selling products like those in Avon, I ended up paying for the orders of the customers who do not know how to pay on time or don’t know how to pay AT ALL! Considering how money was very tight even in college, paying for those stuff brought me debts. Sigh. My mistake, perhaps, is that I gave up. In one of the examples Sharon mentioned, her friend struggled with her business for years, incurring debt upon debt upon debt but was given a break because she persisted. Today, she’s enjoying the fruits of her labor and perseverance. Sigh again. I don’t have that kind of mindset so I belong to the losers’ club πŸ™
Of course, it is still not too late to redeem myself – for us all to redeem ourselves and start fresh. There are so many business opportunities just waiting for us to see their potential. As I’ve mentioned above, I do have a small online shop but just selling one kind of item. Right now, I also don’t have the right capital and time to do business full-time. There I go again, making excuses.
The book was encouraging and there were a lot of lessons to learn. Even the author didn’t get it perfectly the first time she opened her own business with some friends. They had some problems but was able to fix that in their future ventures. It really was great to read about that.
It is a challenge, I know. Somehow, I’d get the courage to throw caution to the wind and invest in a bigger business or franchise, perhaps. That’s a later “someday” because, again, I do have other stuff to spend my money to. Sigh. I do get what these books are trying to instill in the minds of the readers but, like many people, I too am scared to take the leap and go out of my comfort zone. Too bad eh? Yeah. But my excuse is mainly that having very small kids means that there is really no extra for investing or starting a bigger business – yet! I do hope that authors would forgive me if I have to procrastinate a little and put off the investing in at least 2 years more.
I’d be reading the books again and seek inspiration soon. Yeah, I know that within that time frame, my money could have grown! but it is also possible that the money would be wasted if I don’t have the time to make it work because I was too busy with the kids and with my regular work. Excuses again, I know. But, I am not trying to influence my readers to be such a wimp πŸ˜›
In fact, I believe you should get a copy of the books and read them – see for yourself what these authors have to teach us all about money. I know that there are many things to be learned in these books. Perhaps I just more motivation or more examples so I would take the risk. But I do believe that I should start paying off all my debts first before getting this investment thing rolling. I can’t afford to add to my already exciting debts so I can invest despite what I have just learned about leverage and new business ventures. πŸ™‚

Be inspired, learn more about money, and have a better control of your finances by getting the books here:Β LIFESTYLE UPGRADE 101.

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