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Christmas season is the best time for budding entrepreneurs to start a business venture. With the 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses filling the pockets, the demand for goods and services is at its peak. So rather than sit idle and let the Christmas season pass by while your bank account gets depleted; It’s better if we celebrate the season, have fun and still make more money.

Here’s some ways on how to make money this yuletide season:

1. Bake Christmas Goodies 

Are you skilled in the kitchen? Do you love baking cupcakes and fruitcakes? Do you love whipping up sweet treats?. If so, why not sell it to friends and neighbors? Be sure to price up the ingredients and include the cost of cooking them to ensure that it makes good business sense. Advertise your services to friends on social media sites and offer a free taste to your neighborhood.

2. Trade in Gadgets

Christmas can be an expensive time with kids and teens wanting the latest releases of everything. The idea is to trade in old models to help with the cost.. So, if you have old mobile phones, computer snd gaming consoles or laptops gathering dust in your home, they can be traded in for cash this Christmas. You can sell your items at olx.ph, ebay or post it in your social media accounts.

3. Set up a Food Cart Business

FOOD IS EVERYWHERE this season. Setting up a food cart is one of the most popular small business ideas today. With a small starting capital, you can either franchise a famous food cart business or start your own or with business partners. If you have a passion for food, why not sell your own food products in a cart you designed? It really takes a lot of effort and know-how.

4. Create your own GIFT SHOP

Pinoys really love to shop till they drop. If you want to earn a good income during the Christmas rush, then you might want start your gift shop business right away. You can sell decorative items, cheap gadgets, personalized stuff, toys, beauty products, charms, or anything you think will put happiness on people’s faces.


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