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For college students, learning to budget your money and allowance in college is an essential skill that will prove useful as you move on in your career and life outside of college. It can be challenging at times, but it’s not impossible and can guarantee you a lifestyle upgrade.


Here are

Here are the 5 Money Saving Tips for College Students

  1. Be creative with your weekend activities. Find low to no-cost activities such as going on a hike, volunteering your time with charity, or practice painting and calligraphy. This is also a great way to meet new people with similar interests.
  2. Expensive books? Why not buy used textbooks or share with a friend, and sell them back. You can also practice your google search skills by scouring the internet with free ebooks and resources. Possibilities are endless.
  3. Don’t go grocery shopping when feel hungry or you’ll end up buying a lot of food you don’t really need. Awful, right? Avoid impulse buying in grocery stores and anywhere else, even if it’s SALE.
  4. Sell things you don’t need any more that is gathering dust in your cabinet. This will help you earn a little extra cash and there are tons of sites like Olx, and even Facebook groups, that are created and designed to help you sell it.
  5. Eliminate daily specialty coffee drinks, smoothies and other treats that costs you a hundred pesos. The cost of these treats is deceptive, and a regular habit will add up fast taking a large chunk out of your allotted food money plus calories on your hips. Pick up a cheap coffee maker or a blender (it just costs less than seven-hundred pesos), and make your own specialty drinks in your dorm. You can search in Pinterest for yummy and easy-to-make smoothie recipes.

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