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When I was younger, my parents taught us the value of education. They said it’s out ticket to a better life. My siblings and I grew up in Tondo, went to public schools, and didn’t have expensive clothes and toys. I was okay with that, most of the time. At a young age, we are made aware that my father’s salary as a construction worker is barely enough to provide for a family of seven. So I learned to dream big and worked in the summer in my youth so I have money to buy toys that I like. I remember selling 50 centavo candies and chocolates with my siblings, then when I got a bit older, learned to give a manicure and pedicure to my neighbours for 20 php.

Reading this book, I realized that I had the potential to increase my income even at a young age but my dreams were mediocre that time. I was excited to make use of my earnings so I have a new cheap toy to play with.

When I started working and earned my own paycheck, I realized that I didn’t really changed that much. I go through paycheck after paycheck buying new things and eating in restaurants and left nothing to savings. And I thought I was living my life. I thought I just need to go through this first job until I get a promotion or find a new one with a higher salary, only then will I start saving. Only then will I get to fulfil my dreams of moving out of my parent’s house and having my own place.

It turns out that I was very misguided. I still have that mental image of what money is about when I was younger. That we don’t have extra money to buy beautiful things, that’s why when I had my own money, I used that to buy things that I’ve been dreaming of: nice shoes, branded bags and eating expensive foods. Very materialistic I know, but at that time, that’s what I thought it means to have money.

[so I’m not dependent on my paycheck]

i wish they taught money in school

Money is fun, especially when you know how to make lots of it.

Reading this book made me realize that I have money but don’t know how to make lots of it. Here we see how the author Clarissa is just like us working bees. She’s an employee who also had problems with her monthly wage, but she did something about that.

Here she taught us her own experience on how she handled her finances using her monthly salary, dreaming big, not being afraid of having a debt and that debt is sometimes good and investing her money.

Ohhh, investment, scary word!

But that’s the beauty of I Wish They Taught Money in High School (so I’m not dependent on my paycheck.) Clarissa taught us how she first managed her monthly wage and used that to start her passive income. She already did the hard work for us by going through it first, to show us that even if with just her paycheck (at first), she was able to dream big and actually fulfil that dream. And this gives me hope that I could be like that one day. That is, of course, after I paid most of our debts.

[so I can start my own business right away]

i wish they taught money business

Everyone was once a rookie.
Playing, studying and continuously practising the money game can make you a pro money making machine.

Me, own a business? I wish!

I know I don’t have a business gene in my blood. We’re workers not business-owners. Owning a business, sure that is something I’d like to have one day. My in-laws have their own small business and we helped out sometime but it feels like it’s a lot of work and sometimes with not that much profit. Maybe because for the time being I know I don’t have the money to fund my own business.

However, Sharon Que, through her book I Wish They Taught Money in High School (so I can start business right away), showed us that you can start your own business with little or no capital at all. Real estate is booming here in the Philippines and I know some friends who are in real estate, were able to send their kids to expensive schools with their income from that. Their income is not as big as what Sharon and her business partners have but she showed us an example of what they did in a property they handled when they were just starting.

With the right motivation and business partners, I think starting a business with little or no capital is feasible but personally, I cannot imagine myself in that position because I don’t trust a lot of people when it comes to money. And I worked most of my life in sales and I’m so over it.

Overall, I Wish They Taught Money in High School is a good book not just for employees and to those who want to start a business but also for high school and college students. The book is written in a way that students could easily grasp the concept and not be intimidated by the idea of handling money.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

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