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Define your Financial Goal

Instead of thinking about money as just something to spend, think about how can your money work for you. The best way to take charge of your money is to have a concrete plan for it. Given the right knowledge on financial planning, you can do it in three steps:

(1)Clearly define your financial goals

(2) Make plans to reach your goals and dreams and

(3) Take action until your goals become reality.

Ask yourself, “What financial goals do I have for my money?” “To save 1,000 pesos a month for the latest gadget?” “To save 2, 500 pesos a month in next four years to buy a new car?” Write your financial goals in a table like this Get Organized. Label your Bills.

Numbers intimidate a lot of people. The good news is software programs and online tools are readily available to do the calculations and budget management for you. You can also use the online facility and payment apps that your bank offers for easier and no hassle payments. Write down everything you buy or pay f, including bills and subscriptions. Create a filing system to keep track of financial paperwork and other important documents that will help you pay bills on time. Here’s one way to label your files.

• Bill Payments: Put your bills in this file to help you remember to pay them on time.
• Savings and Investments: File the statements from your bank savings account and any other investment accounts that you have.
• Insurance: File your car, medical, and renter’s policies in this tab.

In this way, you can easily track your bills, finances and you can monitor your unanticipated expenses. By applying these tips and tools, you are already creating a plan for your money and finally, get away with unnecessary stress that comes with having disorganized finances.

Brainstorm Possibilities

Definitely, there’s more than one way to reach your dreams. For instance, if you want to start a business, you possibly could:

  • Determine your offering and market demand.
  • Create a feasible business plan.
  • Think about a good business name.
  • Spend time developing an excellent social media presence.

Brainstorming can be an effective way to think creative ideas without limitations or restraint. Explore the possibilities.

Motivate Yourself

According to Woody Allen,

“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.”

Sometimes we are driven with enthusiasm, but then a few days later, that enthusiasm fades and we submit to our old lazy self. State your every small, achievable goal, and share it to many people as you can. Put it in your blog, create your own dream board, join a forum community related to your goals. Make sure there’s sufficient pressure to overcome failure. In life, you will encounter obstacles, just remember to get up and keep going. You’ll make mistakes and get discouraged. No matter what … just keep going.

Don’t let that momentum stop.   Some steps maybe less exciting than others, but make sure to stick to your goals until you’ve fully achieved it!

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