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GLOBAL LEARNING SUPPORT (GLS) is a pioneer in the e-learning sector that works with Australia’s leading education providers to significantly reduce student drop out rates. GLS achieves this by creating a unique environment for online students that facilitates progression and clears the pathway to completion.  At the moment, the Education Industry is growing incredibly rapidly in the digital space and because of that, GLS have the most passionate team in Melbourne and Manila.

Financial literacy is not something that is taught in school. Thus, most of us simply learn proper money management from our parents, family and friends. However, those are not enough to help us become financially successful… to become financially free and independent.

To achieve this endeavor, Global Learning Support together with Clarisa De la Paz and Sharon Que, the authors of “I Wish they Taught Money in High School” provided a financial planning and money-management workshop entitled “FINANCIAL DREAMING—since dreaming is a form of planning” that was held on November 21, 2014 and attended by 160 employees. The event was an incentive for those employees who completed their attendance the previous month.

This 60-minute workshop equipped the participants with the essential tools needed to prepare for a brighter and more financially secure future with interactive activities, videos and modules. The participants learned financial independence from the authors. by being less dependent on a specific revenue stream (i.e., your primary job), and giving themselves independence and the flexibility to make stream of income choices that they never had before.

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