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official kowt 2With the growing number of tourist destinations all over the world, travelling is not such an uncommon luxury anymore. But not everyone can afford to go to places because of money. Sure, money is the top reason why people can’t travel more than they want to.  But did you know you can actually travel more on a low budget?

Here are some tips to make you book your next travel adventure right away:

  1. Start local. “The purpose of travel is to see new things and experience new cultures. Many people think that in order to see things they’ve never seen before they need to travel far afield but that’s not true,” says Annabel Candy of Get in the Hot Spot. Your own place might surprise you with wonderful views you never knew existed before.
  2. Couchsurf – This has been growing in popularity with regular travelers. In this way, locals let you stay with them for free! In exchange, you can help with some household chores or do small tasks for them. Through this, you get free accommodation and new friends.
  3. Make your own food. You don’t need to always eat out. In your accommodation, there has to be a kitchen where you can cook. Buy local products so you can still experience the food culture of the place. If you’re camping, make sure to bring useful utensils and non-perishable and ready to eat food.
  4. Hitchhike or just walk. In some places, transportation can be real expensive. When you hitchhike or walk around, it’s just free. Plus, you get to see and savor more sights when you’re not inside a vehicle. But if you’re heading to far areas where walking would be impossible, don’t take a cab nor rent a car. Take public transportation instead.
  5. Select the best sights to see. When you’re travelling on a tight budget, it may not be possible to see all the sights in a place. You really don’t have to see all the tourist attractions. A lot, especially the most popular ones, would require ticket fees. What you can do is to select a popular site or two to spend on and visit the places that are free.

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