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Learning about financial security and wealth management should not be complicated. Being educated in money matters can be FUN too!

Our advocacy is to share our knowledge and wisdom in handling finances and investment because we believe that every Filipino in all walks of life deserves the best of everything that life has to offer.

This is the reason we put our book in leading bookstores nationwide, aside from our online shop. To reach people from all over the Philippines who wants to learn financial awareness and tips how to start a business. Our book is not only limited for the teens but also for the professionals and business-minded individuals.

As the authors say, “Work Hard. Work Smart. Plant the seeds and savor the fruits, not only in cash, but in the liberation from uncertainty of the future. Invest in the priceless asset of peacefulness, because YOU ARE WORTH IT.”

You can purchase our book at Powerbooks, Fully Booked,and National Bookstore NATIONWIDE.

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