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I grew up in a working class household. My father was employed while my mother stayed at home. In a nutshell, I can say that my mother had a pretty good grasp of handling money in the sense that she was able to budget my father’s income, buy a house and lot, and send my brother and myself to university. When my father lost his job, my mother opened a retail store serving the neighborhood. They worked hard and took care of our needs.

However, my parents only worked hard for their money. But they did not let their money work for them. Fast forward to my time, I work hard for my money, too. I know how to save hard, but like my parents, I did not know how to let my money work for me. And despite saving a lot, I can shop till I drop and finish up all my savings.

If I can turn back the time, I would have been really happy to have read the book, “I Wish They Taught Money in High School.” Written by two authors, the book tackles two aspects about handling money. One will make you independent of your paycheck and the second one so that you can become a business owner.

I love how the book is written. It is not written by those who come from the Forbes list of the richest people of the world. It is a poignant story of two different Filipina women who came from different backgrounds and had different goals in life. Although I can say that they come from way above average families in terms of family income, the principles that they shared are practical and doable, especially for stay at home moms like you and me. They have computations, too, just in case you are doubting that their suggestions work. In short, it is something that we can all relate to and learn something from. We may not all end up to become billionaires, but we can all live comfortably, free from debt, and prepared for future expenses.

Additionally, I like the fact that what they are teaching is not being a scrooge in handling money. It is making money work for you and your needs, without having to sacrifice life’s little pleasures or being kind to others. :D

I read this book while breastfeeding because that is the only time I have. While on my computer, I glanced at the bed where I left Shane and look at I saw. haha Well, someday baby, you will read and understand this and be financially literate.

So whatever your income level, status, and age right now, you can really make good use of this book. I am encouraging you to get a copy from their online store. Your financial goals may be different than mine, but it would be good to get some encouragement. Buy the book, I Wish They Taught Money in High School.

And I am sure to keep this book so that I can let my children read them, too. This is a great tool for financial literacy. Start them early.

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