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As a twenty-something career woman, my paycheck as a college instructor goes to purchases I don’t really need. I have this fascination on buying doll shoes, bags, little trinkets, gadgets and other things  just for their cuteness. Talking about prioritizing WANTS over NEEDS, which I am guilty of. There are times when I really needed money for emergency purposes but in the end, I resorted on bad loans and debts just to suffice the budget I need. When the year 2014 came, I keep a vow to myself, “I want a financial freedom”, to have enough money till I grow old, to have a travel budget when i feel the need to explore the world, to have something I want without sacrificing my needs, to be able to enjoy work without the worry to pay debts.

That’s why I started my research on mutual funds, investments, stock market and other ways how to acquire passive money. I pray for guidance and wisdom to be able to understand these things and I know God wanted me to be financially free because I met wonderful people who can help me to be educated in financial world and a book that opened my eyes to the affirmation that I deserve the best of everything.

The book that started it all.



“I Wish they Taught Money on High School: so I’m not dependent on my paycheck by Clarissa Serina-De La Paz
and I Wish they Taught Money in High School: so I can Start my Own Business Right Away by Sharon W. Que”

It’s a two-in-one book which basically taught me how to handle money and upgrade my lifestyle. I love how the authors pointed out the good in handling loans, credit cards and other money matters. It taught me that money can be fun, especially when you know how to make lots of it. Words of encouragement like “don’t take your creativity for granted“, dream big, because you never know  how far it will take you.”, CLARITY IS POWERI believe it is easier to get what we want if we are clear on what we want early in life” served as a wake-up call for young professionals to create something out of nothing and to invest while you are still young and capable of working.


They also iterated to build a passive income that is greater than your expenses. If we can buy the latest gadgets and splurge on fashion finds, why not invest it in long-term funds that will help you become independent from your 15th and 30th paycheck. The authors also gave tips and guide how to start your own business and how to work SMART ( Start Small, Make a Habit, Acquire more Knowledge, Raise the Bar of Creativity and Think Outside your Salary).



It is easy to understand because the book is written for young individuals, students and professionals who wants to build a financial knowledge plus the caricatures, graphics were realllyyyyy CUTE! <3

It also has Millionaire’s Log, Dream Compass, Inventory of Rations Promise to Augment and Compound Treasures, Money Map and Gratitude Anchor that you can scribble if you’re planning to get on the journey of being financially stable.









As the authors say, “Work Hard. Work Smart. Plant the seeds and savor the fruits, not only in cash, but in the liberation from uncertainty of the future. Invest in the priceless asset of peacefulness, because YOU ARE WORTH IT.”

If you want to avail of their wonderful and amazing book, you can order online, just visit their website, http://lifestyleupgrade101.com/. It costs only 500 pesos, quite a steal!

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