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Being married for a year and three months, we have been very careful with how we spend our money. Gone are the days when we would splurge on weekend shopping or spend a lot of money eating out to relieve our stress. But these alone will not upgrade our lifestyle and may soon make us feel deprived. We need to do something. We sure have a lot to learn and we are so privileged to be given the chance to read and write a review for this wonderful book.
I wish they taught money in High school is a two-in-one financial literacy book written by Sharon M. Que, an entrepreneur who started making money since she was ten (10) and Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz who is still enjoying her day job albeit her incredible financial investments. Both do not have a rags-to-riches story to tell but they taught us a lot of things on how we can make money work for us.

The book is largely based on the authors’ upbringing and education where they discussed how their comfortable lives made them strive to achieve more in life so, in return they could pass their practice and financial knowledge even to average people.

Both authors came from different backgrounds – one who is into pure entrepreneurship and the other one who choose to invest on stocks and other vehicles… but they sure have one thing in common – they are not afraid to take the risk because they are financially literate.

Having Filipino authors makes the book easy to digest.

Here are some of our favorite lines from the authors:

Clarity is power- I believe is easier to get what we want if we are clear on what we want early on in life! – Sharon M. Que

The secret to freedom from your paycheck is in building your passive income. – Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz

We highly recommend this book to people from all ages.

Grab a copy of this book and join us on our road to a lifestyle upgrade!


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