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Summer is ON!

Let’s have a productive summer while we are burning our skin by heat of the sun.  If you are a student, what do you think is the best way to spend your summer?  Would you rather be at home watching TV or going out for summer outing with friends?

How about reading books that will make you learn new things that would give you an idea of new side income.

Well, check our books then!

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On the other hand, here’s a list of productive things that can make your summer pretty worthwhile.

productive summer

4 ways to have a Productive Summer


1. Work on your dream project or a Small Business – definitely a Productive Summer

I am sure there are times you would dream of something that you always wanted to have or to do.  Well, you can start from there!  It could be a talent you have that will help you earn a side income.

How about, being tutor to students think of what you are good at, English, Math? Or a small “halo-halo” business in front of your house. Isn’t this a productive summer?  What else can you think of?  Challenge you brain!  Am sure when you think of something you like, in the end it will be very rewarding.

2. Let’s get Physical!

Ever noticed group of people gathering together for a group exercise?  Try to visit park or jogging area like in along PICC complex in Pasay Philippines.  You can join them to add more motivation, besides It’s so fun when you are doing it with group.

Or, you can always watch videos on YouTube  about how to loose weight and do it at your own pace

3. Charity Works

If you feel like caring for someone, inquire from your place on how you can help support a community or any charitable institution.

As Proverbs Chapter 11 say,

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer;
    another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.
25 Whoever brings blessing will be enriched,
    and one who waters will himself be watered.

Good Karma is Good!

4. Indulge Yourself and have your own Productive Summer

If you simply wants to relax after all those hard work you have done from the past.  Go and enjoy the summer instead!  Treat yourself, Travel, spend summer in the beach, or go hike a mountain for your self fulfillment.  Do as you please but make sure you have the budget for it and can manage everything before doing such indulgement. – check our book “Money Grows on Trees”

There could be a lot more ideas, but at least you can start from here.

On behalf of Lifestyle Upgrade Team, we hope you can relax, enjoy and have a Productive Summer 2017!

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Do you agree that Karma is Good?  If so, please leave your comment below It’s our privilege to know your views about a productive summer

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