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It is no surprise that Regine Tolentino is a woman of many talents. We have seen her countless times on our television and film screens portray various roles, and know her to be a great performer that can truly heat things up on the dance floor with her sizzling moves.

With numerous career titles such as ‘actress,’ ‘TV host,’ ‘celebrity judge,’ ‘fashion designer,’and ‘mom,’ what is not known to many is that Regine has also added ‘entrepreneur’ to this long list. She is currently the owner, manager, and fashion designer for Regine’s Boutiques, the owner and directress of RT Studios, and the owner of MN8 Themes Studios and Matchstick Productions.

Start small

Starting small with your passion, according to Regine, is something that aspiring entrepreneurs must keep in mind. Establishing a business does not just happen overnight. It takes great time and effort to be able to build a good foundation for the business and run its operations smoothly. Many successful businesses start out on a small scale, and with the right drive and passion, will eventually grow larger as time passes.

The birth of Regine’s daughter back in 1999 sparked the actress’ passion for putting up her own business. As she enjoyed making party dresses for her baby, little did she know that their living room was already transforming into her very own fashion boutique. As the business grew, it eventually turned heads, capturing the interest of one of the country’s posh retailers, Rustan’s Department Store. Upon presentation of her line, the retailer offered to showcase it in their ‘Rustanette’ line–the brand’s wide selection of apparel for kids. With the financial help from her family and also the sales from her first clients, Regine was able to build on her initial investment and pave the way for “Regine’s Boutiques” to flourish.

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Make your passion a business

Building a business is definitely not a walk in the park. But when built around something you love, it becomes more than just a job and more importantly, becomes a fulfillment.

As dance plays an essential part in Regine’s life, she also made it a point to share with her daughters the opportunity to enjoy one of her greatest passions. With an extra function room in her parent’s house, Regine began teaching dance to her daughters and eventually transformed the empty room into her very own dance studio. Given the available space and facility, Regine started holding summer workshops and regular dance classes. RT Studios was further developed, offering not only dance classes but became a venue for holding showbiz, corporate, and private rehearsals as well.

These days, Regine’s typical workday consists of first and foremost, a visit to her MN8 Studios in the morning to check the scheduled activities, and orders and designs of clients. Her afternoons are then mostly spent on checking on production and attending to appointments with her other businesses.

There are a lot of things that Regine tries to juggle everyday, especially considering she has four businesses under her belt. However, Regine still makes it a point to join and teach classes at RT Studios during her spare time or to cap off a long a busy day. She enjoys doing what she does best, and have learned to even earn from this.

Strive to reach your goals

Being diligent, detail oriented, and optimistic are the top three skills that Regine says entrepreneurs must develop to be able to make their business prosper.

A vital part of establishing a business is knowing who your market is, what they need, and what appeals to them. Aspiring entrepreneurs must learn to get to know and study their target market to be able to offer the goods and services that are in demand.

One must always think about developing further their products and services to gain an edge and stay ahead of the competition. Regine advises young entrepreneurs to keep tabs on the latest news and trends circulating in the industry, and be able to actively listen to their clients to fully understand their specific needs and wants. These are key things that will be helpful in developing the growth of the business, so one must invest great time and attention to these crucial aspects.

Running a business will definitely not be a smooth sail ride, and just like anything in life it will have its share of high and low points. But what is important to keep in mind is to never lose one’s passion and drive to be able to achieve the set goals for one’s business. Regine greatly values having the passion for one’s work, as it is what ignites and fuels one’s business, saying, “Work hard and love your work. Success comes to those who work hard for it. ”

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