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Nov 08

Rusky Carlos

Rusky Carlos is a real estate broker and employed as a property consultant for a big real estate company that specializes in high-end developments. He is also co-owner of Home Matters, a furniture company that specializes in making customized, high-end furnishings.

Rusky is happily married and has a one-year old daughter and one more on the way.


Being part of the Sales Department in a real estate company afforded Rusky with flexibility in terms of work schedule.  As a man who loves to spend quality time with his family and friends, this afforded him the freedom to choose how he spends his time.

Rusky has always had a head for business and a very socializing person to boot.  He wanted to engage in a business that would allow him to further expand his relationships with friends and clients.  The idea for Home Matters came at an opportune time when he and his wife were renovating their home and had difficulties finding the right pieces that suited the style and quality they wanted, the space that they had and the budget they allocated for it—a dilemma a lot of people are familiar with.

Rusky’s financial strategy is to have multiple streams of income.  With the right time and finances to start up his own company to fulfill that need, Home Matters was born.


Rusky and his friend had come up with the idea together and as luck would have it, their goals and business values were very much aligned.  So they pooled their finances and partnered to create the company.

They also did their homework: researched about the industry, studied potential competitors and zeroed in on the unique service they could offer clients. It was also crucial to find highly qualified workers to ensure that the vision for every piece of furniture was met.  Not only does Home Matters come up with exquisite and unique pieces of furniture, they also offer the option for clients to design their own pieces from scratch.

From there, it was only a matter of scheduling meetings ahead of time and delegating work. Rusky impresses the importance of finding the right people to form a capable team to multiply your time.  He attends to Home Matters before and after his set meetings with real estate clients.


Rusky is of the belief that one has to be determined, ambitious and resourceful to be successful in one’s business; traits that Rusky has in spades.

Despite being a relative “rookie” in the home furnishing industry, Rusky is thrilled that Home Matters has caught the attention of the media and known industry practitioners.  Highly satisfied customers including interior designers have been clamoring up to purchase their unique pieces again and again and have even recommended their products to family and friends.

Currently, the profit the business makes goes back to the business for upgrades and further expansion.  Rusky even admits that keeping his day job allows him to speed up the growth of his business as it is yet another source of income to feed into his company.

Future plans for the company include expansion and opening more showrooms.  As a real estate broker, Rusky plans to engage in real estate for a longer period of time in or outside a development company. Since his home furnishing business complements this, he has put great importance in taking care of the relationships he builds with the people he works with.

Despite the apparent success of his startup business, Rusky makes sure that he allots quality time for his family.  As much as possible, he comes home in time for dinner. This allows him to spend time with his daughter and just be with his wife.  His family also gets top priority on weekends, no matter what.  He takes a concerted effort to take his wife out on dates and concerts and plans activities for the entire family to enjoy together.


*Know your financial goals.  Goals need to be specific so that you can create the appropriate action plan to achieve it.  Say “I want to have [insert specific figure] million in exactly [insert specific timeline]” rather than “I want to be rich someday.”

*Commit.  Initiative to start something is only half the battle; following-through is key. Rusky stresses the importance of having a support group to help you get through when you may be losing heart or confidence in your new venture. This is where partners may be valuable in your business.  Being with like-minded people should keep you on track to achieving your goals.

*Diversify. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.  Diversify so you do not get derailed from your action plan for your business.  It is important to keep your main source of income separate from a new business so you can accurately monitor the success of your business.

*Seek advice.  Do not be afraid or hesitate in seeking advice.  If you could find a mentor in a friend or a relative, ask them to be one.  The faster way to learn other than experience is to learn from the experiences of others.

*Have faith and be patient.  Always have faith, be grateful to God for every blessing and trial, work hard and surround yourself with people who believe in you. Luck is also a major ingredient to success, so PATIENCE is a virtue you must have so you won’t miss your turn.  Be consistent in the things you do and be good at it, and eventually the right people will notice the value of what you are doing.

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