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We Love Throwback!

Throwback was invented by those social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.  They use particularly “Throwback Thursday” where you can post your past like old photos, videos and put your catchy caption.

The other viral trends that social media use is the hashtags, where you simply put a”#” in your post and social media channel will recognize it and when you click a hashtag like “#TBT” stands for “ThrowBackThursday”.

You can also create your own, #LifeStyleUpgrade101, or #LifeUp101 -this creates a link and when you click it will go to all related post about the hashtag.

What Lifestyle Upgrade 101, loves throwback is we get to ponder and re-post the past and how we got the achievements we have had and continuing to share values to other people’s lives.

It reminded us those steps we have taken from the pasts and those people who have supported us in our journey to publishing our first book, “I wish they taught Money in High School“.

And since this post is about throwback, I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the following who gave credits to us.

Thank you (click each link to check what they have written about our book):

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  10. Eyahnism Blog Post

As we were browsing Google Philippines and check all your mentions about our book.  We can’t help but writing this post to thank all of you for your support.  The reviews and articles about the book really showed it has given values to those who have read and applied the money principle, simple yet life changing.

We saw and experience right in-front of our eyes how we have changed lives and we are really grateful! That is why, we are launching another book and we can’t wait to see you all learning from us again as we share our new release book.

The new book talks about the next level to your financial freedom and we can’t wait for you to get the copy of this book.  If you are keen just send us a message (click here) for the advance copy.  Early Bird price is available.

You can also check out the confirmation date and venue of our new book launching >> click here

We hope to meet all of you and our privilege to have you give us another book review of our new book.  See you at the book launch!

-Sharon and Clarissa

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