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You have the opportunity to earn from your natural talents and skills, and make side income. Whether you’re building your savings, gathering resources for your emergency fund, or saving up for a big purchase, here are the TOP

10 Ways to make Side Income

1. Write or edit online articles.

With the rise of blogging and social media networks, more and more companies are starting to reach their market online.

If you have a good grasp of language and are able to express your thoughts by writing, this is a good opportunity to make side income.

You may also edit articles on the side. A good rate to start would be PHP 300-500 for a full-length online article.

2. Hosting events.

If your choice of self-expression would be talking and entertaining people, hosting is the right venue of side income for you. Certain events call for different kinds of hosts—and your personality, voice quality, and ability to engage with the audience has to be apt to the event you’re part of.

Hosting is more than just talking and reading lines from a script or spiel—it also has to do with connecting your audience and leading them to the purpose of the event.

3. Coordinating events.

The spotlight may not be your thing, and being behind the scenes is the best way for you to shine. Event coordination requires an impeccable, almost obsessive attention to detail, while at the same time being a big-picture thinker, having the vision of seeing the event in its entirety.

Doing events coordination is best done with a team of like-minded folks with different skillsets. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to be connected with others who have gone ahead and have more experience for you to be also trained in this area.

4. Shooting photos and videos.

Photography and videography is one of the most lucrative businesses lately, thanks to the rise of wedding photographers and same-day edit videos.

If you have an eye in photography or in videography and have the equipment to back you up, you can earn an income in this and at the same time learn and enhance your craft.

5. Doing graphic design.

Photos and videos may not be your thing, but you may be skilled with art, painting, or graphic design. You may want to build a portfolio online so that you can show your artworks to potential clients.

6. Selling stuff.

If you have clothes, furniture, gadgets, accessories, or appliances that are unused or still in good condition, you may want to sell them at a profit. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

These old items may be considered trash and clutter in your home, but they may be put to good use by others—and you can earn from them, too.

7. Have a room rented.

Having a spare room rented in your home is one sure way to get income. It will lessen the costs of utilities since you’ll have someone else split the bill with you. It also helps in overall costs and maintenance around your house.

8. Teach English online.

Many non-English speaking nationals are now looking to learn English through VOIP services online, paying at a certain fee to learn the basics of the language. Applying to be a teacher is simple and easy, and you can adjust your weekly workload. You can also do this at the comfort of your own home.

9. Cook and bake.

If you have had family or friends who rave about your cooking, why not earn from your special skill of culinary arts? Food is often a good way of making people happy, especially when it’s well-cooked and well-prepared.

10. Investing.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make side income is investing in stocks. It will help your money grow exponentially without you exerting much effort. You’ll have to monitor market trends in order to see how it works. Of course, it’s best to do research if you’ll need to pursue investments.

Some you need to learn and enhance skills in; others, you simply have to have capital and the right equipment. Whatever method you choose, we hope these ways help build up your resources, and make you happy and fulfilled at the same time!

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