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self-help bookA total life make over in 24 hours, a self-help book:  I recently read the book entitled “The 24 Hour Turn-Around” written by Jim Hartness and Neil Eskelin.

The book is about bringing out the best version of yourself and the transformation begins the moment you decide to change.

It is a self-help book that provides assistance to those who wants to change for the better and leave behind a past that is full of mistakes.

For anyone who is looking for help in trying to change their lives, the book would be a beneficial tool for them to succeed.

I enjoyed reading the book while writing my review for a number of reasons:

For one, the book can be considered as an easy read, meaning anyone can go through its pages and understand the whole story without trying to dig deeper into specifics.

Additionally, readers of the book do not have to try to decipher what each chapter meant. I could read a single chapter in a few minutes and afterwards, spend the rest of my time listening to my thoughts and feelings about what I just read from the book. It did not require much difficulty to try and understand what the authors of the book meant from their writing.

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Continuing, I was able to learn a lot from reading the book. It helped motivate me to change myself for the better. By reading The 24 Hour Turn-Around, I realized that the first step to change starts with a ‘decision’ to do it. Realizing this,

I was able to put things together and see that without this big decision, nothing would turn out right. Once you have made a decision that you want to change, everything else follows. Anything is possible once you have made that big decision.

At the same time, I learned that everything is interconnected with one another. The decisions you make will then transform your career, health, relationships with other people, and your overall attitude.

For me, it meant that change was a total makeover and it can help individuals turn to someone they never expected to be. Once you have made that big decision that you want to change, everything follows.

The good thing about the book is that it provides specific and doable pieces of advice for individuals who have made that first and crucial decision.

Moreover, the book gave biblical affirmation and motivating examples that helped its readers successfully turn their lives around.

But despite the fact that The 24 Hour Turn-Around is a self-help book, it differs from others in many ways. For one thing, the book, much like its title explains, teaches its readers how to make use of the 24-hour time period to do certain things: set achievable goals, improve self-esteem, increase motivation, strive for excellence and integrity, develop humor and enthusiasm, break bad habits, control anxiety and fear, use time and money wisely, take time for daily renewal, and so much more.

I believe that with this specific time period, anything and everything is more achievable. And given the fact that it only takes 24 hours, the reader does not have too much time to waste.

True enough, in my own case, I have applied the principle of the book in my own life.  I often get distracted kind of straying away from my goals and purpose in life.  So, what I will do is, I immediately pick up ” The 24 Hour Turn-Around”  read it again and I am back in track.

When this happens, I get to steer myself back to the right track; which is in line with my goals and purpose. Indeed, this is one book that has taught me how to be in control of my life.

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