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Summer 2015

School’s already out! It’s time for a well-earned summer break after the tedious homework, stress of exams and post-graduation celebrations. You deserve the right to relax and dance your night away this summer, but getting productive and learning something new this season can give us the most amazing summer yet. Here’s a list of productive things that can make your summer pretty worthwhile.

1. Start a New Project

Spend your summer on something that you want to work on for a long time. It may be paper crafting, novel writing or photography. It must be something you are passionate about. Write a blog about it and document every progress. Think about something you really need to get done before the summer ends.

2. Give back to your community.

Offer some skill workshop that you are good at. If you deeply care for the environment, plan a clean-up event in your village. Love graphic design? Offer free digital arts workshop for teens. It’s also a way to sharpen and cultivate your skills and make professional connections.

3. Get Healthy

Time to hit the gym and slash the bad eating habits. Now’s the time to set fitness goals. Summer is enough motivation to choose low-fat yogurt over calorie-loaded ice cream. Start a healthy habit. Your future self will thank you for that.

4. Start a Small Business

Depending on your hobbies and skills, there are lots of easy businesses to launch, such as accessory making, graphic design and baking goodies.The possibilities are endless, the only thing you need is a leap of faith and you can make money on doing something that you really love.

5. Catch up with your loved ones.

Reconnect with those you love and friends that don’t see as often as you’d like. Bond over DVD’s and plan a picnic. Keep it simple and memorable– Spending time with your family can give you a scrapbook worthy memories that you can keep for a lifetime.

Make your SUMMER 2015 awesome!

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