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I am a bookworm and so when a friend posted that authors are looking for bloggers who could do a book review, I signed up. The book is entitled “I wish they taught money in High School so I’m not dependent on my paycheck by Clarissa Serina-De La Paz and I wish they taught money in High School so I can start my own business right away by Sharon W. Que”, I believe that this is a book that people should be reading to get ahead of the money game.1535585_10151869252832499_603030701_n

Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz‘ I Wish they Taught Money in High School so I’m not dependent on my paycheck is an eye-opener for each one of us. Money truly doesn’t grow on trees but if we know where to properly invest it, maybe we can harvest it everyday for the rest of our lives. I was not and never was dependent of my paycheck because I wasn’t an employee for more than 3 months. The first and last time I had my paycheck was 7 years ago for my first job that only lasted for 2 months. Indeed, we need to check our Moneytude (attitude towards money) because it might be the reason why we are not earning more money in our lifetime.
While I was reading Sharon Que‘s I Wish They Taught Money in High School so I can start my own business right away, it was like I am reading my life story. My parents weren’t employees, they were into farming and business too. So I learned to earn money and appreciate its value when I was young. I used to sell anything that can be sold in my grade school and high school days. Sharon Que did a great job in her book, she’s teaching everybody the step by step formula on how to start up a new business. There are a lot of reasons why people are not into business, but the worst is by being scared and afraid of risks.

I would definitely recommend that you buy this book to learn how to earn more money from what you are earning right now. My friends even asked me if I could buy them a copy. You can check out their Facebook Page or their online store to order one : Lifestyle Upgrade 101.

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